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Published on July 9th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya

Building a Business around Your Lifestyle: Sean Ogle Story

If you are very much into job security and love working in office environment, then this blog post is not for you. However, if you think your job sucks and working 50 hours a week even more sucker, then you MUST read this blog post. This is a story of Sean Ogle, a location independent business owner.

Sean, like many others, was taking what he has learned at college into the business world: Graduated in 2007 with a finance degree, he took a job as a Financial Analyst, working 50 hours a week in a suit-and-tie style. Not for long, he want to quit because he can’t have the flexibility to do things excite him.

In January 2010, he took the leap of faith and flew to Thailand to work with the Tropical MBA – has now evolved into a full-time business offering SEO and cooperating with ABF, an Ottawa SEO firm, consulting, affiliate marketing, he created own product and managed to market it on China’s internet – and many other services.

He realized that his lifestyle is attainable by merely utilizing the Internet; he built up wealth and now he has the flexibility to do whatever, whenever he wants.

Lessons learned

Well, Sean seems like one of many people who live a digital nomad life. But Sean is a member of an elite group of people who has built a business to support his location independent lifestyle. He has been to Bali, Indonesia… Macau, Hong Kong… Havana, Cuba… and some other places, including – of course – Thailand.

If you are adventurous, you can backpack traveling the world on a budget, doing odd jobs. However, you might be interested knowing that if you take your creativity a bit further by establishing a business around your life – something you can manage and run anytime you want, anywhere you are, it can be very rewarding both financially and emotionally.

You can do more things and take on better opportunities, of course with sensible budgeting to support your lifestyle. Writing and blogging are two of the most typical business you can start today – so, why don’t you start one very soon?

You can learn about what he’s been up to from his blog, Location 180 and watch his interesting videos on his YouTube channel.

Now, how about you? Intrigued enough to enjoy the work-life balance of a location independent business owner?

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