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About is a blog offering business ideas, tips and trends for entrepreneurs and small business owners who love the freedom of working from anywhere, anytime they want. is established to answer the demand for information related to mobo (mobile bohemian) or digital nomad lifestyle – including how entrepreneurs and small business owners can implement the tips and ideas found here to transform their businesses into an agile one, enabling them to be managed remotely, as well as benefiting from the widely available mobile and cloud technologies.

Our mission statement:

To provide useful information for the general public, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners, regarding the possibilities offered by mobile working, including but not restricted to enhanced productivity, increased revenue and better work-life balance.

What is Mobopreneur?

We can guess what everything-preneur means: Everything related to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; but how about mobo? Well, mobo is another term (or a shorthand) of mobile bohemian.

“A mobile bohemian is a person who has integrated mobile technology, primarily smartphones, into their daily lifestyle as a means of expanding their social network, gaining immediate access to information, staying connected, and capturing details of their daily lives in real-time.” – Wikipedia

Combining both words – mobo and entrepreneur – into mobopreneur, we are referring to entrepreneur who runs his/her business and/or lives as a mobo (or a digital nomad, if you will…)

Mobo and BYOD

In term of business, Mobo is a trend you shouldn’t overlook. Have you ever heard about BYOD (bring your own device)? This trend is prominent, especially in 2012. BYOD describes a trend of employees who are empowered by the fact that they are allowed to bring their own mobile devices for work purposes. According to a survey, companies offering such perks have better ability to retain great talents and have a group of happy and productive employees.

Mobo and the cloud

The ever-presence of cloud computing services and solutions today allows mobile bohemians to live their life in the cloud: Updating social media using their smartphones; making a video call using their tablets; storing their photos, music and videos in cloud storage; mobos thrive in the cloud.

Mobile lifestyle is for today’s entrepreneurs

With the emerging trends above, we want to help budding entrepreneurs who are interested in the mobo lifestyle. The increased productivity, better work-life balance, and direct access to geoarbitrage… there is no better time to go mobile than today.

So, let’s embark on a brand new entrepreneurial journey and do share with us your stories (as we will share ours, too!)

Good luck and safe journey. Team

Image: Silicon Prairie News / Flickr

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