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Published on July 23rd, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya

Escaping the Cubicle: Justin Wright Story

If you feel that your leg is chained to your office cubicle and you have to be a slave of the so-called “job security” – and fed up – it’s may be time you take off to a whole new world of exciting opportunities.

There are probably millions of people who are digital nomads today – however, only a handful has made the spotlight. We at thrive to search the web and look for people who have been there and done that, so we can learn from them on how to make location independent living happens. One of them is Justin Wright.

Who is Justin Wright?

According to his personal blog, Justin Wright is a blogger, WordPress consultant and digital nomad who enjoys exploring the outdoors.

He practically runs a location independent business: Offering WordPress services (, selling WordPress courses (also via,) promoting his very own book, Life After the Cubicle and done some affiliate marketing.

His tipping point is – like many others – due to his unhappiness working in cubicles. In his blog post he wrote that although he was well-paid, he simply couldn’t stand anymore sitting in cubicles pretending to be busy all day (I can relate to that!), sitting in meetings he didn’t want to attend (and care) and so on.

He finally made it – a couple of years ago he has managed to escape cubicles and make a living embracing the Internet. His location independent business has “bought” him the lifestyle he wants, pursuing his true passion: Hiking!

Lessons learned

It seems that, time and time again, the Internet makes location independent working and living possible. Establishing an online business, writing a book and offering services are three virtual business ideas you can learn from Justin Wright.

But the most important lesson you should learn from Justin? Making things happen.

Yes, people have dreams, but only a few has turned them into reality. How so? Partly because they don’t have the willpower to pursue what they actually want in life for one reason or another (one being “job security”, another one being “afraid of failure.”) Justin defeated his giants and now enjoying the work-life balance only a few can truly enjoy.

I recommend you to visit to follow what Justin has been up to!

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