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Published on June 30th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


Are Digital Nomads Social Travelers? (Infographic)

Question: Are digital nomads social travelers? Answer: Not always, but there is a growing trend for social traveling as social media and mobile technology are like a match made in heaven. But first thing first: What is social travel?

Social Travel 101

Social Travel is about staying at other people’s places, meeting new people from all over the world and experiencing a destination in a much more authentic and local way – source: Wimdu

Just like what technologies have made location independent living (and working) possible for digital nomads, the social media – along with mobile technology and the devices that come with it – has made social traveling possible. Check these facts out: Travel booking via mobile devices are expected to triple by 2013… and as ALL travel companies have their own Facebook accounts today (vs. 82% in 2011) people can connect with the travel companies and get deals ‘untouched’ by ‘normal’ travelers.

Social travel is a rising trend that revolutionizes and will take over the travel world in years to come. Indeed, social travel has been announced as the travel trend of 2012!

Entrepreneurship and social traveling

If you are like me, you love running your business while traveling (I actually enjoy leaving my work for travel, but bringing my work allows me and my family to enjoy an extended time of traveling.) Social traveling is the best fit us location independent business owners. Rent an apartment for 3 months and enjoy living like a local – while running your business located in another part of the world.

As social traveling allows you to travel at a lower cost and can get you better value for money compared to normal traveling, it is a great solution for someone running a location independent business.

Am I a social traveler?

If you seek and book travel deals online, love to blend in with the locals – enjoys local cuisine, learn local language(s), and love adventurous travel, you are very much likely a social traveler.

Want more details? Check out this cool infographic:

Book your accommodation with Wimdu, and become a true Social Traveller!

Source: Wimdu

As of for me, I consider myself as someone who is sitting somewhere in the middle with a slant toward social traveling. I still enjoy staying at a resort in Bali like a normal traveler. However, I also love staying in an apartment in Singapore and living like a local; traveling using public transport, eat local delicacies and so on.

So, despite the stereotypes about digital nomads, I think that tech-savvy location independent people can be both social traveler and normal traveler.

How about you? Are you a social traveler or normal traveler?

Image credit: David Crewe / 500px

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