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Published on September 4th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya

What Online Working can Offer You

You know what, working and living whenever, wherever you want doesn’t mean you need to do grand things. In fact, you can simply start with your very own talent. I am a big believer that ever person has a talent that make him/her stands out above the rest. Well, if you need one example of someone next door with great talent, meet Katie.

Katie’s story

Katie is one classic example of how someone determined to take a different course in her life turns to online money making opportunities making a great use of her talent – and succeed, while many others fail.

Katie is a 20 years old and she’s from UK. She started up just like the rest of us – working for a boss, 6 days a week. Katie was a bar girl and she turned to just 6 months ago.

Katie use to earn money offering testimonial videos, voice overs, modeling for your products/services, and many more (you can visit her profile here: 6 months in, she already has more than 1,500 positive reviews, meaning that there are at least 1,500 people who have hired Katie (not all people leave reviews) – that’s approximately 250 orders a month!

What is It’s a place where people can do almost anything you can think of for you for just $5.

Earning a living online means Katie can work whenever, wherever she wants; her online gigs can pay her bills and buy a trip to Lanzerote, the infamous Spanish island. She can even take some days off for a holiday. All in all, she is in control of her life.

Katie is now working full-time on Fiverr and part-time as a model. Pretty cool!


You see, you don’t have to hold an MBA or a PhD degree to be successful. In fact, all you need is guts and see opportunities in different ways. Earning a living online is mind-boggling for many, but a surefire way to make money in a location independent manner to some.

Katie has shown you that using what you have – in her case, her personality and knack for pulling off great, convincing reviews by being true to herself – can buy you the work-life balance most can only dream about.

Are you ready to follow Katie’s footsteps?

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