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Published on July 29th, 2017 | by Michael Peggs


3 Major Productivity Killers And How To Beat Them

Every person has a different way of managing and coping with the workplace. However, in this day and age of technology, we are bombarded with entertainment from all over the Internet. While these can be great sources for inspiration, they’re often sink bowls where productivity goes down the drain.

To prevent distractions, it’s important to set a time for each activity. As much as possible, make sure your work hours are spent doing actual work. The non-work stuff can always wait for later (with exceptions, of course). Also, stave off the nagging temptation to cram. Every hour counts because you’re being paid for it.

Need help? Here are 3 Major Productivity Killers And How To Beat Them.

1. Technology

High connectivity coupled with modern technology simply gets more things done–and faster. Conversely, unreliable technology is a major productivity killer.

If your laptop is showing signs of slowing down or, worse, crashing (lost files anyone?), have it replaced or upgraded immediately. Any delays will only slow you down in the meantime.

If your Internet connection is slowing down, get out of the office and find a place with decent connection–possibly in the nearest public library or coffee shop. You can also explore for workspaces that are conducive for both individual and collaborative work. Common Desk allows you to choose among different types of membership packages that give you access to your own private space or desk engineered to stimulate productivity and creativity.

2. Gossip

Gossip, like death and taxes, is inevitable. While it can be tempting to spend time listening to the grapevine, never let it distract you from your work. As long as you’ve got stuff on your plate, avoid gossip like the plague. And, while you’re at it, limit workplace interruptions. Find a private space or an empty conference room so that idle chatter doesn’t reach you.

If you have an urgent task or project on your hands, get out of the office and explore office rental like those offered by Common Desk. These rentals are available for day use or for a certain time period depending on your needs.


3. Smartphones

The number one reason employees use their smartphones at work is for personal messaging, followed by web browsing, social media, and online chatting. If you’ve noticed, none of these have the slightest thing to do with work.

In this case self-control is overrated. Few things are as tempting as the urge to give in to the endless pings and updates on your phone. The best thing you can do is keep your phone in your drawer or bag. Out of sight, out of mind.

The workplace is a minefield booby-trapped with all sorts of temptations. When ignored, these can kill your productivity and diminish your focus. Stay productive and work smart while doing less. The fewer distractions on your plate, the more you can do and the less you’ll cram. Keep yourself engaged and aware to avoid these workplace pitfalls.

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