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Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Ivan Widjaya


Mobile Businesses and Making the Most out of Apps

Both businesses and personal users alike are becoming more reliant on mobile applications and the benefits they bring. While often lacking the features of larger pieces of software, they still seem to be able to handle the vast majority of the most important tasks, such as managing transactions and closing accounts. Banking apps are experiencing a renaissance as people and business owners look to maintain a tight grip on their finances following the banking crisis in 2011.

Some businesses, however, utilise apps for things other than banking. The mobile revolution has inspired a new generation of utility apps and time management apps that can be synced together with other apps to improve networking efficiency and productivity.

This article will discuss some of the most important applications that businesses commonly use and how they can benefit your business.

Managing your Time without lifting a Finger

Some companies, such as Google and Microsoft, have created a suite of apps that allow you to sync your entire schedule, email, and various other accounts together. Not only is this great for personal use but also for businesses as well. With all of your calendars synced to include everyone’s schedules, regular updates and reminders, and automatic updates taken straight from emails, you can manage your time efficiently and maintain a close link to business partners.

One of the most beneficial aspects of these applications are the various editing suites and cloud storage facilities. Cloud storage allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world, and the online word processing and editing suites allow you to edit them and upload the documents straight back to your drive. You can then share these files by creating a web link or sharing access to your entire drive.

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Banking on the Move

With mobile banking apps, one can now increase overdrafts, apply for loans (more in this post), and open brand new accounts without having to step out of the door. Most businesses, however, will find the payment facilities to be the most useful aspect. With just a few details, you can now send and receive payments to anywhere in the world without having to pay costly transaction fees.

Faster payment systems are also growing in popularity among business owners. Whereas you used to have to wait days for a payment to process, some companies are now offering instant payment options. A recent article written by Vocalink, which can be found here, explains how the numbers of faster payments that are completed are predicted to double in the next few years. In fact, a number of high street banks are signing up to faster payments initiatives, so now is a great time to download some of the great, and often free, banking apps available to businesses.

Long Distant Video Calling for Businesses

Mobile conferencing allows people to connect in ways never before imagined. For the last 10 years, businesses have been conducting transatlantic business deals, job interviews, and collaborations via the world’s best known video calling software.

With the launch of Skype business, the features have been enhanced even further. It is now possible to conduct conferences with a number of colleagues in various locations. Images, screenshots, and files can be share among the conference attendees, and even things like Powerpoint presentations can be sent directly to the screens of others.

Apps like this are especially important for those working on the move. With smartphones now featuring miniaturised versions of the full software, you can now conduct video calls literally wherever you are at the time. This significantly increases your potential for growth, your ability to network, and your availability.

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