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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Ivan Widjaya


Storage Secrets for The Entrepreneur on The Move

Mobile connectivity has opened doors for entrepreneurs that couldn’t have been dreamed about a few years ago. Digital nomad lifestyles are within reach for anyone with a yen for travel but the need for an income.

Most of us, however, want to hang onto some roots even when enjoying far-flung climes, so here’s how storage can help you have your cake and eat it.

Home Comforts, Safe and Sound

Unless you plan on totally downsizing your possessions, you’ll want to hang on to the odd item even when on the move for extended periods. We all like our creature comforts, and if you’ve spend years collecting items for house and home, starting over when the travels finish isn’t an attractive proposition for many.

If you want to hang onto items, you have three main choices:

  • Ask friends to store items for you
  • Leave them at home and hope for the best
  • Maximise income and security with self storage

All options are viable, but the third gives you more freedom. Not only are personal possessions more secure, there is the added advantage of then renting out your property. A six month (or more) let while you’re travelling more than covers self storage costs, it also provides additional income that can ease cash flow and pay travel expenses.

Even if you need no more than a large locker, self storage facilities will often provide solutions such as courier services or photocopying and scanning, although you should check on this before you sign any contracts. Those little office add-on services could prove very helpful to staff who’re managing the storage in your absence.

Buying Trips Made Easy

Going abroad on buying trips is a highlight for many mobile business owners. The downside is the difficulty in accepting deliveries while you’re still away, if you’re not maintaining a warehouse full of staff. As for the removals – we suggest using the removals company near Putney service.

If you choose the self storage option for securely housing stock, extended buying trips become more viable since some storage facilities will take delivery on your behalf. Not needing to personally be on site at delivery time offers incredible flexibility, as you can then arrange for staff members or other helpers to take charge of the delivery at a mutually convenient time.

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Cloud Storage for the Virtual Office

Taking advantage of cloud storage really frees you from the physical office. No need for filing cabinets and with digital signatures, not much need for paper either.

Investigate all the cloud storage options. Look at free accounts from Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud. There are many cloud storage providers these days, but those are the best known ones. Often there’s a free amount of storage to get you started and you can buy additional space should you need it later. Some business owners operate a dual system by dividing records according to type between a couple of free providers.

A more comprehensive business data storage solution is offered through Microsoft’s 365 Office. Subscribers get 1TB of free storage with OneDrive, with as much extra as you need available at additional cost. If you’re maintaining databases or sharing a CRM system with other staff or virtual assistants, this could prove a good option. Another nice benefit is the inclusion of Skype minutes with Office 365 Personal, making staying in touch easy too.

Extended travel is a dream for many but a reality for entrepreneurs who take advantage of modern storage options. The real beauty lies in the cost. It’s low, whether you need virtual office storage or physical item storage.

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