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Published on August 4th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya

The Wireless Generation: Support this Crowdfunding Project!

Okay, peeps! If you have 1,001 reasons not to work in location independent manner, then this is the project you should be waiting for. Well, if you are – like me – one of those who are proudly location independent, then this is a project you MUST support.

The project is a film, in documentary style. It’s about the stories of 18 peoples who have not only escape cubicles, but also taking work from home to the whole new level: They live abroad, travel the world, and experience things money can’t buy, especially if they work in a traditional office setting.

The 18 individuals in the film represent a new generation, called The Wireless Generation.

The story behind the scene

The inspiring film is created by a couple, Drew and Christine Gilbert. Both have been working online and traveling the world since 2008. Drew is an animator with 12 years of experience. Christine is a well-known writer/photographer.

In 2010 they had a baby and kept traveling the world.

Why you should support the project

The Wireless Generation is a Kickstarter crowdfunding project. The goal is $35,000. If the funding campaign is a success, then Drew and Christine will be able to complete the film and cover the fees and expenses to run a series of screening tours in various US cities, such as Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Boston, and New York; when the project raise more than $35,000, Drew and Christine will do screening tours on more cities.

You should fund the project for many reasons: We know that the economic hardship we are having today – not only in the US but also all around the world – is due to high gas prices and costs related to work and business. As nearly half of US jobs can actually be done remotely, there’s a huge opportunity for employees to enjoy way much better work-life balance while reducing commuting costs and for businesses to enjoy better morale and productivity of their mobile workforce – and, again, cut costs on their behalf.

Along with the fact that less travel means less energy consumption, the wireless generation contributes greatly to a greener earth, as well as impacting positively on the overall economy.

Funding the project can also win you many perks, including T-shirts, VIP screening tickets, getting your name mentioned in the website and the film’s credits, plenty of gifts, and so on. The ultimate reward: If you send $10,000 to fund the project, you will enjoy VIP perks, including an Executive Producer credit. Of course, you can fund the project for any amount you want – as low as $5!

So, are you ready to fund the project? If so, go to The Wireless Generation Kickstarter project page and join the project!

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