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Published on July 30th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


Ready to Join the Work from Home Fridays Movement? (Infographic)

The survey results are in: 36 percent of office workers are willing to trade pay rise for the ability to telecommute. Welcome to the world of digital nomads!

The concept of telecommuting has been around for years (the term was first coined back in 1973 by Jack Nilles.) However, multiple work-related issues – along with the availability of supporting technologies, such as the Internet and mobile technology – has made telecommuting a trend today.

Well, if you are a business owner who never thought about offering telecommuting perks to your employees, you must bookmark this blog post: The survey results show that employees are leaning toward telecommuting over any other work-related factors. Check these stats out: 76 percent of telecommuters say that they are willing to put in extra time on work; what’s more, you should expect 10 – 20 percent increase in productivity if you let your employees to work from home.

Not stopping there, allowing your employees to telecommute means you are saving the earth: Check this out – 40 percent of US jobs could be carried out from home – that figure translates into 50 million teleworkers. Allowing them to work from home can cut oil consumptions – equivalent to 74% of US Gulf oil imports – and significant reduction of pollution!

Interested in telecommuting? Ready to support telecommuting more? Need courage to tell your boss about the possibility telecommuting can help your company? You might want to check out the Work From Home Fridays movement on Facebook:

here’s the accompanying infographic that can give you pretty much the big picture about telecommuting (click on the infographic for a larger size):

work from home fridays infographic

Created by Splashtop – Via Pinterest

So, how about you – are you ready to telecommute?

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