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Published on February 18th, 2016 | by Ivan Widjaya


Is Mobile Headed For The Cloud?

The migration over to the cloud computing system has accelerated over the past couple of years, but what could it mean for the world of mobile? While the thought of everything happening outside of the device is great news for those who prize speed, for some it causes deep concern.

The Need For Speed

There is an increasing need amongst mobile users for their device to emulate their on-the-go lifestyle. If speed is the priority, then there’s no choice for developers but to migrate over to the cloud, as mobile applications become more complex. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets can do the same, if not more, than a computer, but there is only so much a device can handle before it starts to slow down.

The main attraction of a cloud database is that it has almost limitless storage to a mobile user, so in order to take the experience of a device to the next level, cloud migration is inevitable (you can read more on this argument here). We can already see companies like Apple fully embracing this idea, so what’s the problem? Well, the cloud still has serious issues with security.

Cloud Security

Financial gain is a huge factor in cyber crime, and as mobile platforms develop, so too do the cyber criminals working to exploit these new avenues of business. The threat to mobile devices on the cloud can range from physical threats to network security to malware or even cloning, but there are systems being developed such as the Data Centric Security Model and Data Loss Prevention, to try to combat it.

Despite its security issues, the cloud still has a lot of benefits for mobile businesses. For example, where apps are concerned, they don’t need to be downloaded and installed in the traditional way. The apps run within the cloud and can be accessed from the remote device, saving on storage and of course, improving speed.

Are Cloud Solutions For Me?

It’s important to know the facts behind the cloud though, and all of the solutions on offer if you’re considering looking into it as part of your business. Mobile or not, there are private clouds, community clouds, hybrid clouds and a lot of pros and cons to each. It’s always best to get in touch with an expert first, so why not check out a provider like Logicalis for the low-down on each of them, and see whether the cloud is in your future.

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