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Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Ivan Widjaya


How to Set Up Your Own Business Providing a Taxi Service

Many people find that standard employment simply doesn’t suit them. Grafting for someone else, fitting into average hours, and having another reap the rewards of your enterprising ways can be incredibly disheartening, so it’s little wonder that more people than ever before are choosing self-employment over working for somebody else.

There are lots of factors driving this trend, yet one key component is the lack of well-paid work available for the underqualified yet ambitious. With universities churning out thousands of new graduates every year, even the most basic roles often require a plethora of examination results and academic qualifications.

Self-employment decimates this barrier in an instant. When you choose to work for yourself, the sky is your limit, and there is no one left to tell you the bounds of your potential achievements.

It’s little surprise, then, that new taxi businesses are springing up all over the country. For the hardworking yet academically unsuccessful, they represent a fantastic chance to earn some real money and reap the rewards of your efforts. If you’d like to join the growing number of entrepreneurs flooding the sector, then here’s how to do it…

Pass the Necessary Tests and Checks

Taxi driving has often been perceived as one of the last reserves of the unqualified, and it’s true that it requires no academic certification in order to have a successful career. However, there are still a number of hoops that taxiing hopefuls need to jump through, and the specifics of these will be determined by your local licencing authority. Most will require some form of additional driving knowledge, and health checks and tests may also be necessary to determine your fitness for transporting other people.

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Choose a Suitable Vehicle or Fleet of Vehicles

Many would-be taxiing entrepreneurs start small, either by looking for employment with an existing company, or having a petite fleet of cars to begin with. Irrespective of how many vehicles you need, it’s important to pick each of them with care. Not only will they need to be within your budget, but they must also look smart, be economical, and road-worthy. It pays to have a discerning eye when looking at individual prospects, and to take the time to choose each car carefully.

Find a Suitable Insurer

One final factor to consider is your insurance provider. You’ll usually find that specialist entities like A-Plan offer the best rates and the most comprehensive cover, so take some time to carefully research the various options that are open to you. The most important qualities to consider will be the price and terms of any policy that you’re offered, but vetting potential providers in order to ascertain their reliability and reputation is also imperative.

Could an entrepreneurial taxiing service hold the key to your success?

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