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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Aira


Have Laptop – Will Travel!

Five of Singapore’s most delicious places to work from

Starting your day with a leisurely breakfast, you need never nurse one cup of mediocre coffee for hours in a chain coffee shop again. What could be better than sending your emails, checking out Google hangouts, or writing up notes? You have to admit that sitting in a chilled eatery with free Wi-Fi, fantastic menus and a pleasant vibe is one heck of a way to work!

Choosing your location is of vital importance as you actually want to get some work done and not be distracted from your laptop (even if it’s one of those cheap laptops, that are quite efficient nowadays). Below is a go to list of some of the best places to work from and enjoy your time as well.

1.Group Therapy

 49 Duxton Road.  Hidden away on the second floor of a reconstructed shop house, Group Therapy is one of the latest coffee shops to open up in the trendy Duxton Hill area. Previously opened as an event space, the café has been on the rise and has the most tempting menu – don’t expect anything fancy but this place has straightforward café food – it does look amazing and is guaranteed to provide you with enough fuel to get you through the working day.


80 Dempsey Road If you’re looking for a home from home vibe then ‘House’ is the place for you. Quirky vintage furniture blends with a cool and laidback atmosphere. Mingle over a long brunch and take in the surroundings. Sit outside and enjoy the surroundings of the forest with only the wildlife to disturb your concentration.

3.The Connoisseur Concerto

Terminals 2 &3 Changi Airport If you are on your way elsewhere then why not try The Connoisseur Concerto at Changi Airport? Perfect for meeting a client who maybe stopping off at a hotel or on their way elsewhere. Also the perfect place for you to finish off anything before a client meeting. Guaranteed to impress with its ethos of blending the arts with lifestyle, it offers you the opportunity to indulge in the finer things in life as well as be in your own space. The with its urban, stylish yet cozy ambiance this place will impress any client  as will the menu ranging from Breakfast classics to a range of hot and cold dishes and snacks. You’ll be surprised you are seated in the busy airport.


If you are after a bit of peace and quiet to get down to some serious work then a visit to Tiffany’s is a must. Situated in the Library@esplanade, it offers a naturally quiet environment yet there isn’t a dusty book in sight. A modern yet cosy café which also very helpfully has free WiFi and power points scattered around – leaving you free to get on with your work without the risk of losing that vital yet unsaved document! Of course, if you really want to treat yourself then why not check yourself into the breathtakingly beautiful Marina Bay Sands hotel, where you can do your work in five-star style, complete with stunning views over the bay. Warning you may struggle to concentrate.

5.Blue Jaz Café

12 Bali Lane For somewhere for a lazy lunch check out Blue Jaz Café, if you are fancying a cold beer to help you with your spread sheets then here is the perfect location. Sitting outside in their courtyard or indoors. If you fancy hanging around, in the evenings they host regular comedy, DJ and band nights. Perfect for finishing off a busy day in the office!

Do you have a favourite café/office spaces in Singapore? We’d love to hear your recommendations – the wackier the better, so don’t be shy!

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