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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Aira


8 Pointers for Saving Money on Quality Hotels for Business Travel

Business travel can be a costly but necessary expense, commonly taken on a routine basis to make a presence at trade shows, conferences, and industry gatherings. Though the budget conscious among us may be just as happy to stay at an inexpensive motel, it’s hardly necessary. Aside from that, taking off in a taxi to a cheap motel on the other side of town doesn’t do much for your corporate image.

Hotel loyalty cards

If you have any kind of consistent record of business travel, it’s worth it to stay at the same hotel in whatever city is your destination. Take the time to sign up for their hotel loyalty card. Each time you stay at the same hotel, you get points that add up fast toward a free night.

Credit card points

The same corporate credit card that racks up airline miles is likely
also valid for free hotel stays. Call the 800 number on the back of your corporate card to find out the details.

You can do better than this with a little ingenuity.

Plan ahead. Way ahead.

If you attend an annual event religiously, then when you’re checking out of your hotel at that destination, speak to the manager about booking your room for next year in return for a significant discount. He will likely be glad to oblige.

Discount travel site

The good folks at Travel Zoo
have unbelievably great deals on hotel stays. Before you book your next conference, check out their website to see if there’s anything at your destination. They have deals all over the world, so it’s not an unlikely proposition.

Book cheap and upgrade.

If you’re in town for a private business meeting, versus a conference
where the hotel will be booked solid, try booking a cheaper room and
asking for a free upgrade when you check in. If you are a loyalty
card-carrying member, they’ll be more likely to acquiesce to your

Conference rates.

When you register for a business conference, don’t overlook the
conference rate offered to attendees. These are frequently deeply
discounted rates that will also have you staying in the same hotel as
the conference, which is highly convenient when the attendees eventually migrate to the hotel bar at the end of the night.

Buddy up.

If you are attending your business tradeshow with a colleague, consider buddying up on a large suite with two double beds. If you make sure you get a suite with a spacious sitting area, it will feel a lot less like you’re sharing a dorm room, and more like you are sharing a small meeting room.

Go old-school.

Believe it or not, travel agents still exist. Try contacting one and see what kind of rates they can get you. They often will be able to swing a deal or get you in on a great unpublished rate. You’ll need to establish a relationship with a travel agent before they’ll really go to bat for you, but once you do, your loyalty will be rewarded. They’ll work hard to keep your business. And don’t forget, they work for you for free, whereas you have to pay your staff to find great deals for your travel.

These days, there are plenty of hidden perks to be had for the savvy
businessperson willing to dig a little for the gold. Take the time to
investigate these possibilities for hotel savings, and you may be
pleasantly surprised at the quality of a good night’s sleep you can get for your buck.

About the Author: Kate Supino is a professional freelance writer and small business owner who writes extensively about best business practices, such as mobile credit card processing.

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