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Published on July 15th, 2013 | by Aira


Best Smartphone Apps For Business Travellers

If you’re a seasoned business traveller, you’ll be familiar with the importance of packing light and maximising what little space you have in your suitcase.

Packing a smartphone full of useful apps is one of the best ways to ensure you have everything you need all on one little device.

Since smartphones made their revolutionary appearance in the technology market, a raft of apps has followed. Designed to further enhance the capabilities of these clever devices, apps do everything from translating speech to granting users access to entire novels.

Staying on top of your schedule and keeping in touch with the office is much easier with the help of these incredible apps, so it’s time for Corporate Travel to go high-tech and take advantage of what technology has to offer.

TripIt (free)

Simply by forwarding your travel booking confirmation emails to this handy app, your flight, hotel and car rental confirmation emails are automatically converted into an itinerary. Minimal manual input makes organising your schedule straightforward and fuss-free and since TripIt synchs with your calendar, you can access your entire agenda from one place. It will also update you on any changes to your itinerary so you know exactly what’s going on.

Earthcomber (free)

Navigating a new city is never an easy feat and can waste a lot of time. Designed to combat any location-based confusion, Earthcomber identifies petrol stations, cashpoints, free WiFi zones, cafés, restaurants and shops on an easy-to-use map, helping business travellers to get around quickly in an unfamiliar city.

CityMapper (free)

This multi-functional app provides maps, directions and information about public transport all in one place. Suggested routes are accompanied by an estimated time and cost and show the weather at your destination in addition to calories burned! Tapping on a station will bring up departure times and any disruptions.

JetLag Genie (£1.99)

You’ve reached your destination, picked up a few necessities and found your hotel with ease – now it’s time for a quick snooze to shake off that irksome jetlag. Or is it? By creating a customised plan of action based on your flight information and sleeping patterns, JetLag Genie informs you with live notifications when to sleep, wake up, get your fix of sunshine, take melatonin (a naturally occurring sleep aid) and more to ensure you’re on top of your game for that big meeting.

XE Currency (free)

Access live currency rates and convert all world currencies on the go with the wonderful and accurate app that is XE Currency. It has not only been named app of the week in iTunes but has also been featured by the BBC, CNN, the LA Times and the Travel Channel.

Expensify (free)

Various dinners, drinks outings and formal events can leave you knee-deep in receipts by the end of a business trip. Save yourself time and hassle with Expensify, the app that seamlessly tracks all of your expenses and knocks together a straightforward expense report at the end of your trip. Sync your debit and credit cards to the app or scan receipts using the camera if you’re paying with cash and let the app work its magic!

About the Author: This guest post article has been provided by Simon Colley who works for corporate travel specialist CT Business Travel. Simon is a huge fan of smartphone technology and finding cool new apps to use for business and pleasure, Simon’s current smartphone is the very popular iPhone 4.

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