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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Aira


Get Online Anywhere On The Planet

For many of us, our lives would not be complete without the internet, and that situation is not going to change anytime soon. Everywhere we go, there are options to jump into the online mix once more, and these options seem to be reaching more and more remote places. But every now and then we are faced with the problem of no internet access, and it always seems to be when we need it the most! This article looks at some ways to ensure you can always access the internet when on the move, and this is by no means the definitive guide but will hopefully enable you a little bit more.

AirPort Express – Hotel Rooms

This is an option for Mac users and can often get you out of a bind when there are no wireless internet options in your hotel. As long as your hotel has this option, using your AirPort Express power plug into the hotel room’s input wall socket will allow you to access that connection wirelessly. It will also allow you to get online using your Apple handheld devices with no issues. This device will support up to ten devices and makes that hotel stay a lot more civilised for you. You may need to activate the room’s connection before steaming ahead, but remember to use your WPA2 Personal encryption option before you connect to your HQ!

Cell Phone Tethering

This is an excellent way to turn your cell phone into a mobile modem and it is a fairly easy activity to engage in. Your phone should be able to connect to the Web over a 2.5G or 3G network. Once you have established this connection you can then connect your laptop to your phone/modem using Bluetooth or USB. The downside is the fact that your cell phone’s data allowance will be used up quickly and the battery will also take a hit. But we think it is a cool way to get out of a sticky situation whilst on the road!

Convert Your Cell Phone Into a WiFi Hotspot!

This will only work for cell phones that have both 3G and WiFi as part of their arsenal, but more and more are now following this route. If you look on the net you can find the appropriate software that allows your phone to become a hotspot! The Joiku set of applications are the best bet and for a small fee you can soon make the useful transition. If you opt for the ‘JoikuSpot Light’ option, which is free, you will be restricted to the HTTP protocol alone. But we still believe this is a great deal when you consider how useful it is compared to zero access! Another great piece of software out there is ‘WalkingHotSpot’ and this bad boy supports all Internet protocols. It costs about $30 but works on all Windows phones plus a few others. Just be sure to check with your carrier about extra data fees! We believe that this option will soon be supported by most of the smartphones out there and will soon prove a real challenge to the static hotspots.

Connected Yet?

These 3 options are by no means the only solutions to connecting on the move, please feel free to search the net for even more ways to beat those mobile connection blues!

About the Author: This guest post is by Paul Potter, an avid blogger and a technophile. His blogs include tips to make life easier by using the latest technology possible. His blog on ‘watching TV online in Canada’ has been appreciated by people all over. In his free time, he likes skating and indulges in other outdoor activities.

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