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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by Aira


Top 5 Entrepreneurial Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss in 2013

2013 is a great year for entrepreneurs! There is truly something for everyone at the many conferences offered across the country and globe.

There are conferences for everyone from women, to young entrepreneurs, to US veterans, to those who want to be known for social responsibility. There are both national and international conferences, and more than ever, those who are sponsoring and organizing these events are picking incredible locations and offering information-packed sessions that can make a world of difference for your business.

Pick the one that fits your favorite locale and style, and flex those entrepreneurial muscles this year. Get fired up! Now’s the time!

GEC 2013: March 18-21, 2013. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Congress) is a global conference in a prime locale. Social responsibility is at the center of this event. The organizers of this conference seek to bring together leaders, economists, and advisors with passionate entrepreneurs. The goal for this group is to create and grow businesses that “create jobs and improve lives, all over the world.” Pack the sunscreen, and prepare to be inspired by leaders from around the globe.

Women Entrepreneur Inspire Conference: April 2, 2013. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Also known as “WE Inspire,” this conference is clearly geared toward those who fall into the category called “We are Women, Hear Us Roar!” Women now own 50% of the small businesses in America. Join them for a day of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation. This is a particularly great conference for women who merely have a seemingly strong idea upon which to build a company and also for those who have businesses up and running but want to increase sales.

Top 5 Entrepreneurial Conferences You Won't Want to Miss in 2013 - Mobopreneur Pic 1

Did you know that women now own 50% of small businesses in America?

Skoll World Forum: April 10-12, 2013. London. This is the big granddaddy of them all. Filled with the smartest, wisest, most passionate group of people on the planet, this one is sure to inspire. If nothing else, be sure to spend at least a few hours on their website. The Skoll Forum is generous in the information they share, and after the event, they post many of the speakers’ presentations. Social entrepreneurship is the mainstay of this top-notch conference.

Darden & Judge Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference: May 9-10, 2013. Charlottesville, VA. Jointly hosted by The Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and The University of Cambridge Judge Business School, this conference promises to be superb. There will be a wide array of topics offered, including business model innovations that target marketing, network, and operations, along with policies, new venture, regional and global dynamics, and much more. This is a true team effort between the two institutions, and that fact will surely benefit all attendees. The wealth of knowledge and experience presented here is sure to make this a fine conference to choose.

VETS 2013!: June 10-13, 2013. Reno, Nevada. The focus of this great conference is to empower veterans to be business owners. Seminars will focus upon the information, knowledge, and networking that are necessary for this demographic to grow a business. Specifically, these businesses will service the federal government. Many federal agencies will be on hand to share the plethora of federally mandated contracting opportunities that are explicitly set aside for veteran-owned businesses.

US vets have now more options and support to own a businesses.

The price tag of a lot of conferences like these can be intimidating, but don’t be dissuaded: There are grants and fellowships that are fully worth investigating. Go and grow! If attending is impossible, take note that many of the conferences post presentation decks and videos of the days’ events.

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