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Tips airport security checks

Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Aira


Top Tips for Getting Through Airport Security as Quickly as Possible

Ah, airport security. One of the more dreaded experiences we all face when traveling. Not only is it a time-consuming experience, but it can also feel extremely invasive.

There are strategies, however, that can be applied in order to expedite your trip through airport security and leave you feeling a bit less exhausted by the end of the ordeal.

Have your ID and ticket in hand. You will likely need these twice when going through airport security–once at the beginning of the security line, and once at the end when you get to the metal detector. Make sure your ID and ticket are easily accessible, if not in hand, when you approach the line.

Have your laptop, toiletries, and anything else that needs to be placed in a basket available. Since you will both have to remove these items from your bag and put them back in an expedited manner, make sure your laptop, toiletries in a plastic bag, and other items you will put by themselves in bins are easy to access. You don’t want to have to dig for these when you are feeling rushed in line.

Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put on again. Shoes with laces are a real no-no when going through airport security, as are any other shoes that are difficult to take off and put on again. Save yourself the hassle and time and wear shoes that are both comfortable and easy to remove.

Leave the water bottle and liquid products containing more than 3.4 ounces at home. They very likely will get taken from you, but only after you are pulled aside and security takes a much closer and more time-consuming look at your bag and its contents.

Remove body piercings. Sometimes these can trigger the security alarm, so be forewarned. Consider removing all body piercings, especially those that are hidden under clothing, or you could have an embarrassing situation on your hands in having to remove them in front of security.

Be proactive in declaring that you have replacement joints if you do. Don’t let security discover this on their own as you pass through the metal detecting device. Being proactive in speaking to someone about your replacement(s) will guarantee a faster trip through security.

Work towards that status upgrade. If you fly frequently enough, you can earn a status that allows you the privilege of entering a faster-moving security line reserved for those with status or who fly first class.

Use the new CLEAR service. Some airports, including Denver, SFO, DFW, and Westchester, have the new CLEAR service, which uses biometrics to quickly clear customers through airport security. CLEAR has an entirely separate line from regular airport security. It’s easy to enroll, too. Simply sign up at, then visit one of CLEAR’s enrollment centers to provide your fingerprint and an iris scan, and you’ll receive your CLEAR card in the mail 7-10 days later. One can only hope CLEAR will be in more airports soon!

In short, while going through airport security is arguably one of life’s less enjoyable experiences, by employing some of these tips, you can ensure yourself a much more expedited experience the next time you fly.

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