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Tips hotel booking for business

Published on January 4th, 2013 | by Ivan Widjaya


Resort to Booking Business Travel the Right Way

Whether you are an experienced business traveler or are new to hitting the road to meet with clients or attend trade shows, finding the right hotel to stay at can sometimes be a challenge.

For those business travelers who need a comfortable place to stay and/or conduct business, doing one’s homework well before hitting the road can lead to financial savings for their company, more opportunities to do business with clients down the road, and a positive experience both professionally and personally.

In order to find the best deals for hotels when traveling for work, consider the following:

* Use online research – Unlike pre-Internet days when business travelers had to rely on travel agents and/or word of mouth, they can simply sit down with their laptop or PC and peruse countless hotels nationwide or globally. The majority of organized hotels have websites that detail their rates, amenities, availability and more. In order to make the research less time consuming, do it in segments and then group those hotels that are your top choices, those that are doable, and those you may need to use as a last resort;

* Use social media – More and more hotels have found that social media can be a great tool for them to advertise what they offer. Look for your preferred sites on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. See if they update their social media pages with relevant and timely information. Also look to see if they regularly connect with their followers, especially those asking questions about their facilities. If they seem to be lax when it comes to answering questions and dealing with any issues, that may be a sign that their customer service skills are to a degree lacking;

* Look for deals – While looking for your business hotel, check for deals. Many hotels run specials during the year, especially in times of the year when travel may be down. For example, if you are going to do business in the summer or winter in Florida, you might have trouble finding your first choice, given the fact that many people head to the Sunshine State in the summer and winter months. On the other hand, if you can schedule your business trip for spring or fall, you may find a better rate;

* Consider teleconferencing – Even though many businesses still send both owners and other staff to meet with clients regularly, others have cut back due to a challenging economy. Is it possible for your business to do more teleconferencing with clients instead of traveling to meet them and/or attend trade shows? While face-to-face meetings can certainly prove extremely valuable, consider all your options in order to save money when possible;

* Network to savings – Finally, use your networking skills to find the best deals on travel hotels. Talk with other friendly business owners who also travel to get their take on where they like, where savings can be found, and who offers the best service. Talking to others before you book your hotel can lead to savings, plus it allows you to have potential business dealings with others who own companies.

With 2013 up and running, will your business travels lead you to success?

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers small business topics for various websites, including visiting lotus Honolulu.

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