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Tips digital nomad places

Published on October 18th, 2012 | by Business Authors


Trending Places for Digital Nomads Around the World

Digital nomads are traveling across the globe in ever greater numbers as more people discover the benefits of working online and using their earnings as a way to travel.

No longer do travellers have to pick up odd jobs on vineyards or in hostels in every new destination they arrive. Instead, they can move from place to place while still having a constant source of work wherever they go.

One of the key decisions for any potential digital nomad is deciding where in the world to go. But what makes an ideal location?

Top Locations for Digital Nomads: What To Look For

The perfect destination for digital nomads depends to a large extent upon the nomad doing the travelling. One destination may be heaven for one person and hell for another. However, there are a few common characteristics that are usually sort after by digital nomads:

  • Inexpensive cost of living
  • Easy access to fast internet connections
  • Good weather
  • A lively expat community
  • Lots of interesting things to see and do
  • Availability of short-term apartment rentals
  • English widely spoken

Using the above criteria as a guide, here are some of the top destinations around the world that are currently proving popular with digital nomads.

Top Digital Nomad Destinations

Bali – Bali is constantly near the top of the list for popular places for digital nomads. It is very cheap, there are lots of expats, the weather is great and the scenery is spectacular. If there is one problem it is that the internet speeds are not amazing, but internet access is still very good.

Bangkok – Many travellers make a beeline to Bangkok, and it has long been a favourite of backpackers and now digital nomads. With good weather, a lively expat scene, plenty to do, exotic surroundings and excellent internet access, it is hard to beat.

Goa – Goa is a backpacker haven, so if you want to combine backpacking with being a digital nomad then this is an ideal place to spend a few weeks or months. With good internet access, cheap prices and plenty of other travellers to meet up with, this is a top destination for digital nomads.

Budapest – Eastern Europe has long been a draw for backpackers due to its cheap prices and fascinating culture. Whereas some destinations have become less favourable as more tourists have discovered them (Prague, for example), Budapest attracts fewer tourists but has all the attractions of other major cities in Eastern Europe, and it can be an excellent base for exploring the region.

Bogotá – Many travellers are put off travelling to Colombia because of the negative press it receives, but those who do make the journey rarely regret it. A cheap cost of living, good internet access and a fascinating country to discover all make Bogotá one of the top places for digital nomads.

More Super-Cheap Destinations

The above destinations are some of the top choices for the modern digital nomad, but there are plenty more places to discover that may be even more suitable for you. If you want to earn less but still live like a king, you might want to travel to the cheapest destinations in the world, and you can find a full list of them at the Backpacker Index 2012. Additionally, the latest cost of living rankings for July 2012 are available here.

Cities in Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand make up six of the top seven cheapest places on the list, so one of these countries could be a good place to start!

About The Author: Phil Byrne is a web marketeer originally from the UK. He left his home country in 2010 and has now lived in six different countries to date. Thanks to the wonders of remote working, he’s been able to do this whilst thoroughly maintaining, and even enhancing, his professional life. Phil authors a blog dedicated to helping everyone create a more location independent worklife at His first Ebook entitled ‘Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office’ is available on Amazon Kindle via

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