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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya

Do you have Enough Guts to Establish a Successful Location Independent Business?

If you asked me, my journey into location-less entrepreneurship is kinda daunting but exciting. Everyday is not the same day: You have your routine, but you know that you will get surprises from your business.

I run an online business and as we all know it, it’s a fast paced world; the window of opportunities pass quickly, and if you don’t take calculated risk, you will end up losing them. And if you are hoping that you can establish status quo in the online world, well, good luck – if you are not Google, you can’t have status quo. Even Yahoo!, one of the web giants, is shaken. Did you know Digg, which was THE numero uno social bookmarking site? It’s now just another social bookmarking site – nothing special.

What about the rest of us? Well, the beauty of being “the rest of us” is that the spotlight is not on you: Meaning, you can “travel” light in the online world and ready to grab opportunities and turn some of them into real money-making venture.

And, oh, you can do so from your laptop, tablet or smartphone while traveling the world – or simply sipping a cup of coffee in your favorite local coffee shop – how cool is that?

Need a guide?

Well, there are so many guides on how to make money online, but not many which are so motivating, so different, in such a way that after reading the guides you are revved-up and ready to change the world (um, maybe change your personal world would be more an attainable goal.)

If you are looking for such guide, I would like to recommend you to read “You Don’t Need a Job, You Need Guts” written by Ashley Ambirge, the gal with personality who runs The Middle Finger Project (cheeky!) – a resource site for those who want more from life (“Because entrepreneurs do it better and vulgar titles are funny” – lol!)

The not-your-typical-entrepreneurship book teaches you how NOT to surrender your soul to the rat race and the corporate world. Instead, you should embrace your passion and leverage the web to create a meaningful, fulfilling career that shouts YOU.

virtual entrepreneurship ebook

Reading the book, you will first get your mindset torn apart and your world tumbled upside down. Then, after you are “brainwashed” you will be given 9 great money-making strategies to build your business empire – online, in location independent manner.

The book is for YOU who dreams about running a successful web-based business… and keep on dreaming without having the guts to turn that dream into reality. The book is about establishing a business that allows you to pour your heart into it AND enjoy all the perks that go with it.

I strongly recommend you to read this book as Ashley can offer you unconventional wisdom that is actually inspiring and life-changing.

Not convinced enough? Just go visit the official page and learn whether the e-book is for you.

Ivan Widjaya
Do you have guts?

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