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Tips a location independent business owner

Published on September 13th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


Establish a Location Independent Business, not a Job

Gas prices suck; the economy is nowhere near recovery point; politics suck; in fact, the only thing I don’t suck is my life (I don’t know what’s left when people say their life sucks.) Be warned: This blog post is not a rant – in fact, you will find plenty of motivation to start doing something with your life after you finish reading (hopefully!) So, let’s embark to a rather short journey, shall we?

Okay – I initially establish this blog to promote location independent living and working. I thought that would be fascinating. Unfortunately, there are blogs offering far more interesting blog posts than Mobopreneur (no wonder it’s lacking of web traffic!) The reason is pretty simple, really: Those blogs are more travel blog than business blog. Only a handful of blogs fits the category of business blogs.

With that being said, I need to change direction: I got to stop focusing on how to be location independent (and travel the world as you wish) and start focusing on what you need to consider before you are going to be location independent. This blog post is one of the upcoming posts from which you can learn about building a business that can be run in location independent manner, as well as how to prepare yourself mentally and financially in making location independence happens.

Uncertain situations

You know how it goes – the economy is still not in a good shape. Rising prices won’t help you live a better life. Many lose jobs… some others are simply tired of working for a boss. Then some go to entrepreneurship with a hope of finding success.

You know what’s the dilemma in entrepreneurship? Establishing your own business, you are becoming your own boss, but then again, you are working longer hours than your staffs. Vacations cut short, and you take a salary – if any – from your small business’ profit (again, if any.)

People seem to try making money in uncertain situations – everything seems stressful. Entrepreneurship can’t help you. Working for a boss can’t help you. Then, what’s wrong with my life?

Answers to your questions

My friend, there is nothing wrong with your life! What you need to do is to find ways to do things better, the way you want it. The answer to my – and many people’s – problems is this: Go location independent with your business.

Location independent literally means that you are not bound to certain location. To me, location independent business means that you can run your business whenever you want, wherever you are.

Please highlight the word “business” – because it’s not the same thing between house sitting, blogging, copywriting, etc. and running a real business.

Many location independent people are traveling the world with their jobs supporting their travel. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not an ideal situation for people who want to do their, say, woodcarving hobby. They just want more time to do what they love, even if it’s not involving travel in any forms.

What they need is a real business, not yet another job.

Want to establish a business? Just add the word “business” after these words: house sitting, blogging, copywriting, web designing, etc.

Seriously, if you are into blogging, establish a blogging business. Instead of making money blogging, you run blog(s) as real business, with staff bloggers running your blogs.

If you are into web design, establish a web design business – hire staffs, outsource to freelancers,… do whatever a business does.

Even if you are doing house sitting right now for its perks, travel the world living on great places, start thinking about how to help fellow house sitters by establishing a business that facilitate them – and run the business location independent.

You know what I mean? Don’t establish a business with you as the integral part of it; you need to establish a business that can run with or without you in the mix. This way, you can then decide whether you can “bring” your business with you or leave it behind.

That is, my friend, the real essence of running location independent business.

How to start a real location independent business

I should write about this on another post, as I have so many to share, but for now, here’s a preview for you…

In order to start a real location independent business, you need to embrace technology. What kind of technology? The one that can be run with any computers with an Internet connection.

To make everything runs like a well-oiled machine, you need to develop a system. What kind of system? The one that can automate most of the activities. You need these: Cool software that can automate everything and outsourcing.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned! Be sure to check Mobopreneur often 🙂

So, until next time…

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