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Published on July 11th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


How to Run Your Business and Live for Free from Anywhere You Want

If you are creative – and brave – enough, there are many opportunities that can bring you the lifestyle you want, while building a business that you can bring with you anywhere you go. While this post is not talking about how to build a location independent business (I have actually written about it a while ago), we are going to talk about how to live on great places for free, even get paid doing so – while managing your business in the spare time.

Without further adieu, here are some ideas on how to run your business from any great places you want – with (near) zero living expenses:

1. Live in a hotel (or motel or resort)

What? Are you joking? Well, no – I’m extremely serious! You can live in a hotel! Sure, a hotel room rate is expensive, but you can always negotiate when you are staying long term, and you will typically get a much lower rate, especially when it’s low season.

You can also negotiate for free WiFi connection – in some hotels, it’s available as an all inclusive perk in a hotel rate. As you are using an Internet connection extensively, this is a great cost saving perk in term of business expenses.

2. House sitting

When a home owner is going for a long vacation, he/she will likely to look for someone who is willing to take care of the house. Introducing – house sitting jobs!

While it’s not a luxury job, you can gain plenty of benefits doing house sitting, mainly free rent. And if you creative enough, you can look for house sitting opportunities on vacation spots. This way you can do your housekeeping chores, enjoy the “vacation” – and often get paid to do so.

If you have an established location independent business, house sitting is a great opportunity for you to enjoy living in a luxury home at a luxury location – for free – while running your profitable business in the process.

3. Apply for live in resort jobs

Yet another dream job for some, live and work in a resort is ideal for you to enjoy the environment while earning money in the process. Of course, a job is, well, a job. Resort jobs involve 9 to 5 work, 5 days a week, you need to serve a boss (or bosses.) However on weekends, you can serve what your heart desires, including managing your business.

4. Room sharing, house exchange, and anything similar

Okay… room sharing is not free, but it’s darn cheap, especially if you are on a journey on your own. Share expenses with your roommates and run your business on the cheap.

With house exchange, you are essentially exchanging life with someone else. You can always bring your location independent business with you wherever you go, while enjoying a life living like a local resident. Cool!

5. Now it’s your turn – please share your ideas!

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