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Published on June 26th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


How to Start a Location Independent Business

I just got back from yet another mini-break. During the break, I work 5 minutes a day (!) and I can practically work anytime, anywhere I want. Right now, I choose to work at home for family consideration (I’m not sure about the home schooling idea…) If you are wondering how on earth I can do that, I do have some tips to share you, especially if you are making money online like me. Read on.

Well, what I do is nothing new. I’m just your next door guy who loves to work at home surrounded by people I love the most. Sure, the screaming and never ending interruptions need to be managed better, but I choose to live and work this way, rather than stuck in the office, either working for a boss or running a business all day long.

Indeed, I work long hours… but that’s because I want to. Well, you might say, “well, yeah – you could say that – just say you can’t escape your work!” But again, to be honest with you, I choose to do so. let’s say that I am passionate in doing what I do: I build websites, I run blogs, I help long-time clients, I run here and there trying to escape Google penguin updates, I fire a potential advertiser because probably he thinks my blogs are wet markets where you can haggle till you drop… the bottom line, I enjoy what I do.

I can work 18 hours a day; I can work late at night. I can work early in the morning. However, if I want to, I can pack right now and travel for a month without any electronic devices, leaving my business behind. All I need is to contact someone and voila – business as usual.

That is why when someone asked me about the right business to start, my answer will always be a web-based business. Not necessarily online stores, blogs and the likes, but I always insist that you should start your business that embraces web technologies (or cloud technologies, if you like); you should start a business that can be run remotely.

I love web-based business and will continue to influence others to do the same and enjoy the location independent living offered by this type of business.

My 2 golden keys to location independent business

I consider myself as a webpreneur who is still far from the so-called success. I haven’t make millions from my web business, but let’s say my web business allows me to have a lifestyle that most people are dreaming about. No, I won’t drive an Audi or buy a mansion, but I enjoy the intangible benefits offered by my line of work: The best work-life balance possible.

So, how on earth I live a digital nomad lifestyle and run my business in location independent manner? My keys have always been these two: Outsourcing and Automation. Let me explain a bit about each…


The ‘O’ word is dirty to many, but not to me; I LOVE outsourcing. I LOVE delegating tasks to other. I LOVE getting help from others without the need to actually hiring them full-time and insist them to work in an office.

I can hire one freelancer or one dozen freelancers, according to my web business’ needs. I even have yet to hire a virtual assistant! When I finally do, that would take my business and my personal life to a new level. I have shortlisted some, and I can even start now at this minute.

Outsourcing helps me ‘buy’ time to do what’s more important to my business – and do any other things non-work-related (like traveling with my family…)


The ‘A’ word sounds like industrial and robotic, but it’s not, really. Automation here is getting things done managed by a system will little or no intervention on your part. Wow – this is powerful, guys!

You see, in managing your web business, your number one task is actually not getting the to-do list all checked-out. Your most important task as a webpreneur is building a system. Your job is to find better ways to do things, and get those to work in a system.

What’s in a system? Simple – the answer is EVERYTHING. If you are running a blog as a business, automation means getting your blog posts published in timely manner using scheduling feature offered by your blogging platform (I use WordPress, and its scheduling capability is very helpful.) If you run an e-commerce site, you can automate your ‘supply chain’ – how to fulfill orders without even lifting a finger (well, maybe one…) and many other things you can do – all in all to get the ‘system’ to work for you, not the other way around.

Outsourcing + Automation = Location independent business

Getting outsourcing and automation done means that you are ready to run your business whenever, wherever you wish.

You can travel the world while managing your web business using a mobile device. You can go backpacking or staying at a fancy hotel – whatever you wish to do is possible when you have strong system in running your web business.


Here’s a takeaway for you: If everything above sounds great to you, your next step would be finding out which web-enabled business that is outsourcing-and-automation-friendly. Well, I can offer you some pointers because I’ve been there done that for 4 years – not much, but hey, experience count 🙂 – but I will do so in’s future post – so stay tuned!

Indeed, I once thought that what I do right now is impossible. How can one make money online without proper 9-to-5 (life deferred) job? How can one make money without a physical asset (a shop or a product)? Well, what you need to do is to throw away your limiting beliefs. You need to change your mindset, accepting the fact that when you are working hard toward your goals – with God’s blessings – you can make things happen.

So, if you want to live a location independent living, start doing your due diligence! Research, analyze, and learn from others who have been-there-done-that for you. Whenever the opportunity arise, always look for a mentor; someone who can guide you through highs and lows in your journey.

Are you ready? Let’s do it and start changing your life TODAY!

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