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Published on June 4th, 2012 | by Ivan Widjaya


Entrepreneurs: 5 reasons why you should go mobile

Mobo or mobile bohemian refer to a person who lives and/or works in location independence manner. Also known as digital nomads, these new breed of people live a mobile lifestyle; they like to travel; they like to run business whenever and wherever they want; they like to communicate with friends and family on the go, using the widely available social media like Facebook. With the rising mobile trends, mobo lifestyle will become more prominent in the (near) future.

Why entrepreneurs should go mobile?

With all of those being said, entrepreneurs should go location independence for many reasons:

1. Better work-life balance

Work and travel at the same time? Why not? Running a business while enjoying the sun in Bali, Indonesia? Why not? The point is, modeling your business in such a way that it can be managed remotely will reward you big time – in this case, in work-life balance perks – something that many, if not most, entrepreneurs are having difficulty in pursuing it.

2. Make decisions and take actions in real-time, 24/7

You no longer need to call your assistant at 2 AM for urgent matters – that’s inhumane! Instead, you can grab the steering wheel and manage things on the go, as you can access resources online – if you enable your system right. Got your e-commerce site hacked while visiting your family in the other side of the world? Just contact your hosting provider with your smartphone via 24/7 life support and have them take care things for you.

3. Tap on a global talent pool

Don’t want to hire full-time employee and run an office? Well, the digital lifestyle is for you! You can run your business in your “offices” worldwide: The pool side, the coffee shop, the public transport, your very own home – anywhere, and work with anyone from any countries. In fact, you can just hire freelancers and virtual assistants to make things work for you and your business. This is perfect for tapping on talents worldwide – with lesser headaches and lower costs.

4. Gain immediate access to information and analysis

Subscribe to news updates via RSS or other means, and tap right on the pulse of your industry. Want to spy on your competitors 24/7? Just use social media monitoring services and be notified for any interesting updates. Services like Wavii can help you aggregate wealth of information and present it in an easy to discern way – make use of them well.

5. Collaborate with your team – anytime, anywhere

Using the right online collaboration software, you can work and collaborate on projects with your team members wherever they are. You can share files, have a chat, scheduling works, etc. on the fly – just use your tablet PC and smartphone!


Going mobile is a strong trend today. Mobos make a great use of social media, smartphones and other related technologies to craft their life the way they want.

As a mobopreneur, there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy, including an edge in your business competition. You can tap on information faster than your competitors; you and your business are more productive than your competitors; your business are agile, responding to changes better than your competitors, leading to more profitable opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go mobile!

Image: Anastasia / Flickr

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